elly's neocity!

This is mostly for fun, I just wanted to make this as a second longer carrd so I can learn how to use another site! This will be updated very often.
If you do want to see my carrd though, it's over here!

About me!

I go by elly online, please know that this is just a nickname. I currently identify as an INFJ 2w1 sp-blind biromantic nonbinary girl. I am in the process of being diagnosed with ADHD so it's cool to use tone indicators around me but please don't overuse them if you can. I tend to forget things a lot so please give me gentle reminders if I forget to reply to you or something. Please tell me if I do anything wrong, I'm trying to learn : D. I'm very shy but I want to make friends so please try to talk to me directly often ^-^

Other places you can find me!

My interests and hobbies! (I will update this often)

Please be aware that I am critical of all of my interests.

I'm quite open to getting into new things but due to my undiagnosed ADHD, it's hard for me to continue to do things a lot. If you want to help me get into something, please give me gentle reminders to keep going. This is also applied to the things I listed above. I will not touch Danganronpa.

Do Not Interact if

Comfort characters and ships